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The Top Ten Winery Web Sites of 2005

On December 14, 2005 we announced the top ten winery Web sites of 2005, based on our 100-point visitor effectiveness rating (full press release):

# Name Score URL
1. Lynmar Winery 83 www.lynmarwinery.com
2. Clos Du Val Wine Co. 82 www.closduval.com
3. EOS Estate Winery 81 www.eosvintage.com
4. King Estate Winery 80 www.kingestate.com
5. Huntington Wine Cellars 79 www.huntingtonwine.com
6. Nickel & Nickel 78 www.nickelandnickel.com
(tie) 7. Goldeneye 77 www.goldeneyewinery.com
(tie) 7. Lambert Bridge Winery 77 www.lambertbridge.com
(tie) 7. Wildhurst Vineyards 77 www.wildhurst.com
10. Quivira Vineyards 75 www.quivirawine.com

Congratulations to these wineries!  The median score for all wineries currently in our evaluation database (over 2,200) is 48, so these sites deserve recogition.

You can get your winery's overall score e-mailed to you (free of charge) to see where you stand.

If you'd like to see a statistical picture, this score distribution offers a better idea of how scores are grouped. For example, a score of 55 actually places a site roughly in the top 20 percent. In other words, wineries are pretty tightly clustered around the median of 48 (a bell curve, but with a sharp peak in the middle).


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