On an actual online Evaluation Summary, this link would display the current statistics for the given Rating Element (like the one below for Branding).

Branding - 5 possible points
Winery SizeNumberMeanMedian
All Wineries2,2312.532.00
A 2202.312.00
B 3102.522.00
C 2592.532.00
D 2052.903.00
E 673.072.00
F 263.353.50

In addition to these statistics -- Number in sample, Mean, Median -- for All Wineries we have evaluated, we also break the scores down by the size of the winery (annual case production) as well:

A	fewer than 1,500 cases
B	 1,500 -   4,000 cases
C	 4,000 -  10,000 cases
D	10,000 -  40,000 cases
E	40,000 - 100,000 cases
F	more than 100,000 cases

Unspecified represents those wineries whose case production is not known (we attempt to contact every winery evaluated by phone for this information).

For TOTAL SCORE (100 possible points), the summary statistics are for the total evaluation scores of all wineries.