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Purchasing The Winery Web Site Report delivers these direct benefits to your winery:

Stop wondering how well your Web site works
Increasingly, the Internet is the first point of contact between a potential customer and your winery. If your site doesn't help a visitor achieve their goal in visiting, they're apt to leave. The Back button is all too close at hand. Your Report will show how your site scores on 25 objective measures of visitor effectiveness.

Spend your time and money effectively
Your Report shows you exactly what parts of your site need improvement, and tells you what to do.

Gain a ongoing competitive advantage
The easing of direct shipment laws means increased competition (as well as new potential customers in other states who may visit your site). Your Report shows you how your web site compares to those of other wineries.

Get the support you need to succeed
Your Report includes access to our expertise and counsel on an ongoing basis. You don't have to feel alone in the unfamiliar territory of Web site effectiveness. We truly want you to use the information in your Report to make improvements to your site. That's why we offer a free re-evaluation of your site as part of our offer.

Save Money
Some companies charge $1,000 or more to perform an evaluation of a Web site. The Winery Web Site Report not only gives you an objective evaluation of your site, but adds an industry-specific statistical perspective, based on performing that same evaluation on over 2,200 winery Web sites. And it's only $495.00.

Sell more wine, make more money
If your site frustrates or irritates the people who visit it, you are losing motivated buyers and potential customers (and the sales they represent). And that doesn't have to be the case.

Do you want these benefits for your winery? Please look at the complete list of features of The Winery Web Site Report and then order The Winery Web Site Report for your winery by calling 1-888-WINERY-WEB (1-888-946-3799).

Questions? Call the same number and ask for Mike Duffy. I'd love to talk with you about your hopes and expectations for your Web site.


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